At long last! The second edition of The Print Shop Primer, a proper print shop handbook for the ages.

The Print Shop Primer is a spiritual/emotional/
physical/mental/relational/societal/cultural handbook that instructs in use of and aids smooth operation in any print shop.

3-color Risograph (red, blue, and black) on 20-lb bright white (guts)
Physical dimensions: 4.8″ x 3.75″
Edition: 380
Pages: 25

Features include:
– 10 individual articles on proper print shop decorum, terminology,
cleanliness, behavior, and behavior modification.
– Fits in your back pocket for easy access and constant wielding.
– Free InDesign template download to print your own!

Contributing artists:
Martin Lang
Karina Tiller
Brittany Boynton
Meredith Cristal
Grace Hong

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Free InDesign template download! download