One Boy’s Planet, by Will Arnold.

On April 26, 1949 Dr. Roger Barker and a team of observers followed a 7 year old boy named Raymond Birch (not his real name) for a day around his hometown of Oskaloosa, KS. Their intention was to create a scientific document, an objective recording of the “behavior and of the cultural and psychological habitat of a child.” The results of this observation were published in 1951 as the book “One Boy’s Day.”

One Boy’s Planet is the combination of text from this book with imagery from 1949 issues of Planet Comics, a pulp sci-fi/fantasy comic that a boy of Raymond’s age may have read.

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3 1-color Risograph mini-comics with fold out poster back on gray 28/70 text
Physical dimensions: 3.75” x 4.5”
Edition: 90
Pages: 9